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  • How Systems Engineering differs from IT Systems Administration

    I sometimes get asked about my Masters in Systems Engineering, usually by people who expect it to be more like network administration or similar IT work. I mean, I certainly could be doing IT; it’s how I paid for my undergrad. But compared to the rest of my career experience, that was long enough ago on simpler…

  • Rock Band instruments

    Am planning on trading these away soon and the messaging system of the trade site in question doesn’t support attachments, but it does support linking to URLs, so might as well host them here.

  • Custom drawstring bags for Eclipse player races

    Custom drawstring bags for Eclipse player races

    I like tabletop gaming as much as videogaming, and but one of the biggest blockers behind being able to play the more in-depth ones I own (especially the most weighty in my collection, Eclipse) is time spent trying to teach or look up rule minutiae. And aside from knowing the rules, I also don’t expect…

  • Solder your Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver to fix it when Device Manager stops recognizing it.

    Solder your Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver to fix it when Device Manager stops recognizing it.

    You’ve tried everything on http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-other-devices/connections/xbox-360-wireless-gaming-receiver-windows . You’ve rebooted your machine, tried every USB port and an independently-powered USB hub, you’ve put fresh batteries in your controller, you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, you’ve tried some other forum posters’ descriptions of “clean booting” or unplugging every other USB device and all manner of other last-ditch voodoo, and you…

  • Making your fire spinner look good (or ugly)

    One of the first things I had to get over when shooting fire spinners (or having photos taken of me fire spinning) was that no matter how a shot’s taken, there’s a nonzero chance the subject is going to look…odd.  They might look angry and frustrated, they might look different than how I normally remember…

  • Easiest way I’ve found to learn to shoot fire

    I haven’t got a ton of experience under my belt photographing people literally playing with fire, but there’s one type that has been unquestionably the easiest so far: fire breathers.  Specifically plural, because individual breathers are about as unpredictable (certainly fun to watch and get shots of, but unpredictable) as anyone else with a prop…

  • Hello world!

    Site’s been down for a bit while transitioning to a better host.  Apologies if you’ve been looking for any of the content here on the WordPress installation; I was placing higher priority on zero downtime for mail instead. Time to go about fixing broken images and links and such… This also seems like a good…

  • Rock Band songlist

    Rock Band songlist

    For anyone planning on joining us for Rock Band, the list of songs we already have, along with their difficulty ratings per-instrument and overall difficulty for the band: Rock Band Songlist in PDF format Other songs we already have, but which would require swapping away from the Rock Band 3 disc to play: The Beatles…

  • “Hotness x Beatdown 2” submission

    My friends and I regularly challenge each other to making short playlists as a way of finding new music & introducing each other to artists we’ve never heard of.

  • Mouse poll rate in Ubuntu

    (note the following article is ported from an older site of mine, and may no longer apply to newer distributions of Ubuntu) Mice manufacturers may advertise high-end mice by tossing around DPI numbers as high as 5700 these days, but as long as you’ve got something that can do 800-1600DPI, poll rate is more important.…