Custom drawstring bags for Eclipse player races

I like tabletop gaming as much as videogaming, and but one of the biggest blockers behind being able to play the more in-depth ones I own (especially the most weighty in my collection, Eclipse) is time spent trying to teach or look up rule minutiae.

And aside from knowing the rules, I also don’t expect that everyone around the table has read (or would even want to read) the entire rulebook of every game cover-to-cover. But if so, they’re often missing out on thoughtfully composed flavor text or art that would make the game more enjoyable if only it was in a more easily shared format.

So when I read on /r/boardgames and BoardGameGeek that there was a 10-items-for-$20-total-including-shipping sale on ArtsCow (and eventually sister company CowCow, or if you want it, a non-referral link to ArtsCow again) it wasn’t difficult to think up what I’d make: